Beginning of the end- The Voice & The Question

I take over the story from SaleshDipak in continuation of his Chapter 9- The Awakening
Chapter -10
She wasn't embarking on a quest for she already knew the answer which had eluded her.  She was taking back what was rightfully hers for she was the “ONE.” Priya was so lost in thoughts that she went back in time and was reminded of many things. It was the kingdom of Irea, flourished with lots of peace and happiness apart from the biggest riches the kingdom had. It also reminded her of her best friend, guide and advisor who always stood by her side in calms and storms. 
They grew up together like sisters from the same womb. Now she was able to remember that person who gifted her the magical bag with ‘The Riddler’-the frog. Off course it was Zuta, her soul mate with whom her soul is tied and bonded in an unexplainable way. Now that she couldn't resist her happiness that she has finally known there is someone who could give more clarity, she started running towards the huge hall area in an eagerness to meet Zuta again.

As she ran, she was able to see mirrors-lots of it. And to her surprise the mirrors reflected her for the first time, with her tired face that was mixed with happiness and anxiety. But it suddenly seemed that she was running endlessly and the time had stopped. She started having many questions again and sunk back into the pool of serious thoughts as she stopped at the corner of the huge hallway. 

The area was vast with few elves and trolls looking at her baffled and few other creatures behaving as if she was never there. As she was panting hard, she peeped through the huge window that was covered with creepers and beautiful pink and yellow flowers. Few dark creatures was chaining a tall, big build, blonde lady and dragging her all over. It was Zuta! She wanted to shout at the top of her voice and cry for HELP, but she couldn't hear her own voice any more. Everything seemed to be confusing, but she was strongly reminded of one thing- She was the queen of Irea! 
The monsoon wind from the windows swirled making a hushing noise which only worsened her precarious heart. But this is just the beginning of the end, a voice chided from inside. Could I be obliterated from the happenings of the past just like that? Didn't I have a goal and a meaning to my life?- Priya questioned herself again and again. Suddenly she broke down and tears started rolling from her fixated beautiful brown eyes. Priya’s lips started moving and questioned “Where’s my daughter?”- She was now able to hear her own voice.
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